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Setting-up your entity structures using careful planning and asset protection strategies could result in vastly different wealth outcomes for your family unit.  


AMS Accountants specialises in new entity set-ups for the purpose of business, succession planning, asset protection and estate planning. It is essentially your choice between a simple structure such as a Sole Trading structure, with lots of risk and little flexability, or a more complex structure with less risk, and lots of flexability in the areas of tax savings and wealth accumulation.

We have partnered with LightYear Docs and Abbot & Morley (Lawyers) in order to produce the right entity combination and structure for your individual circumstances.

Mitch Schoers is a founding member of SAPEPAA (Succession, Asset Protection & Estate Planning Advisers Association). SAPEPAA is an organisation that provides advisers with the education and resources they need to excel in the areas of succession planning, asset protection and estate planning.

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